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This game is original. It's not copying any other game. No other game has ever played like this before.

If you want to know what inspired me to make this project, look no further than videogamedunkey.


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I appreciate the message. Honestly horny games especially have been really really frustrating me, especially because the people that seem to have ideas or desire something that doesn't curtail to some really boring and trite fantasy that's mostly shared with white bread cis dudes don't get made because who the fuck else is going to have the time, money, and energy to make a game under capitalism. There's little to no innovation under capitalism. 

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... Really?? Because communism works so much better for innovation. :) lol


right, famously free of profit seeking ruining core mechanics or leading to derivative crap, only the purest dedication to the art form in the video game market amirtie


For sure! Perhaps we even gain a famous mass murdering leader for our history books. Besides, who would wish for gain from our own accomplishments when we can just give it all to the state; silly capitalists.

It's not even a game.


That's actually half the point. The point is, under capitalism, and under the rhythm the capitalist system is giving us in terms of game ideas and the sort revolving originality in games, there's never gonna be an original game that actually feels even a minimum of innovation whatsoever, because everyone, AAA or indie, are too busy copying eachother's ideas for games. The little remaining people or devs who actually have original or quality ideas for games are doomed to remain stagnant and in poverty if they don't spend huge chunks of capital they can't afford to boost their shitty marketing.

But hey, at least the porn in this "game" makes it to catch the eye of everyone, does it?