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Sass VS Fash Early Taste Demo

Escape from your prison and kill some nazis! · By JMAA GAMES


Recent updates

Sass VS Fash v0.24 release!
Version 0.24 has been released! With a few quality-of-life improvements. Changelog: Fixed: AI has been slightly improved for a bit so now the guards can chase y...
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Sass VS Fash v0.23 hotfix
Whoopsie-daisy! Apparently because there was 2 audio listeners in the same Unity demo level scene, audio from enemies and stuff could not play properly. Here is...
3 files
Sass VS Fash v0.23 release!
Changelog: Added: the jagginess of a DOS/PSX era game Modified: I set up the inputs so now they're not specific to specific keycodes but to Unity binds. Enjoy!...
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Sass VS Fash v0.222 release
This is just a performance fix which includes occlusion culling, which apparently should improve performance a bit. Enjoy...
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Sass VS Fash tech fun fact #1
I have no idea how the hell did I do this lighting effect on bricks without bumpmaps...
Sass VS Fash v0.22 release
We've updated this demo to v0.22! Changelog: +Added scene transitions +Added menu sounds *Demo level music should restart from the start whenever the game is la...
3 files
Linux and macOS versions released!
For those who definitely wanted it, I just now released both Linux and macOS versions of the Early Taste demo for you to download! Just check back on the itch.i...
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