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Support the final game development of this game at https://gum.co/sassvsfash - future alpha builds will be up there!

Sass VS Fash: Girlballs of Steel is a retro FPS inspired by Wolfenstein 3D and Rise of the Triad that combines the gameplay of an adult trans visual novel. And you also get to kill actual nazis. Nazis will hate this game.

Here be the controls:

WASD - Move

Space - Jump

E - Use (open doors etc)

Left Mouse Button - Shoot

Shift - Dash

Mousewheel - switch weapons

You can wallrun too.


The year is 2025. Johannland has overtaken nearly all of Western Europe under the Fourth Reich, and Johann Weiss, A.K.A Dark Weiss, rules Johannland with an iron fist on the fascist nation of Johannland, previously Germany and the rest of Europe. Thus the start of World War III, where the Johannland Axis faces the Allied forces in the looming threat of nuclear war.

Word also has it that Johannland is using some occult, demonic powers to keep rising to power. Their soldiers are turned into some cosmic demons of sorts, who are savage, brutal, and even engage in cannibalism and other sorts of brutal crimes. Some say it has something to do with an Elder God known as Azathoth, whose whereabouts are unknown but somehow his shard has possessed Dark Weiss to wield incredible powers which led him to rule Johannland.

The Allied Military Forces (AMF) has dispatched their best agents for the infiltration and attack on Johannland. Including you, Joan Marie, codename RED HYENA, a proficient spy and secret agent with expertise in armed and unarmed combat and infiltration into enemy territory. Your mission was to infiltrate and assassinate Dark Weiss before nuclear tensions from the Axis rise up.

However, once you attempted to infiltrate Johannland’s heart of the nation, into the Neo-Reichstag, you have been accidentally caught by the suspecting guards, and captured by the Axis into the prison of Castle Johannstein, where you’ve been tortured, beaten and raped in hopes the Neue-SchutzStaffel of Johannland could extract any information from you, without any success.

Luckily, your wits have led you to a plan for escape: you hide in the roof of your prison cell at Castle Johannstein when a guard checks inside. Once your prey has entered your cell, you quickly pounce on the guard and silently kill him with a kitchen knife you smuggled from your prison rations. You grab his pistol and set for escaping the castle, hoping you can continue with your mission in assassinating the Führer of Johannland.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsAdult, Alternate History, Dark Humor, Erotic, FPS, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Pixel Art, Retro, Transgender
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksTwitter, Twitter, Patreon, YouTube


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Adult trans VN mashed together with a retro-FPS? Where do I sign up?

Edit: Ok, so I played it. Here's something that I think needs improving: when walking along walls, the player character slows down almost to a halt. It's not a big issue, sure, but compared to most retro-FPS games, it ruins the experience slightly (might also cause some problems if you happen to hug a wall during an intense shootout). I also didn't immediately understand that I had to shoot the red "pills", but I guess they're just placeholders for now (there's also the issue of hitboxes, but I'll leave it for now)? Otherwise, it's pretty good: the guns feel satisfying, the movement is otherwise fluid, and it definitely feels like the classic Wolfenstein (add enemies reacting to your shooting like in Wolf3D!). Oh, another thing: why do all guns have such strong kickback? I mean, I get the shotgun and rocket launcher, but the pistol too? Also, another: in the "plot" you're writing about Joan killing a guard with a knife and taking his gun - add a dead guard in the cell, and, I guess, a knife, to act as a melee weapon, or at least sticking out of his body (if nothing else, then at least for consistency).

Deleted 333 days ago

The jittery thing I can probably figure out, but I never somehow noticed the textures stopping to exist before coming back problem when you grab a wall. I don't know, maybe it's just me?

Deleted 333 days ago

You probably mean when you wallrun, right? I tried to replicate it myself on my end by wallrunning, didn't somehow get it.

Deleted 333 days ago

I know what you mean now, probably it might have something to do with the camera clipping or so.

I fixed it in the latest build! I just needed to adjust the camera's clipping planes for a bit.